Tuesday, April 14, 2020

19 Witchy Things to Do In Quarantine

19 "Witchy" Things to Do In Quarantine

If you're like me, you complete various activities everyday and you're still on the lookout for something to do(especially being in quarantine). Up until recently I haven't really had the time to pursue the "witchy" activities that I've been meaning to. But with this quarantine, I've been reading tarot daily, drawing up astrological natal charts, and reading up on new rituals and "spells" to do.  If you're looking for ways to make your quarantine more "magical," look no further...

1. If you haven't already, start your own Book of Shadows.

This is a witch's journal, where you keep your spells, dreams, sigils, lists of herbs/crystals/candle meanings/etc., and any other knowledge you want to look back on later. You can use a regular notebook and decorate it yourself, buy a fancy leather journal, or even type your B.O.S. and save it to your computer(whatever is easiest and best for you).

2. Read. You can never read enough about astrology, numerology, plants & herbs, moon phases, crystals, divination, and other aspects of "the craft." Use this free time to learn new things. 

3. Keep track of moon/planetary phases/movements & do corresponding rituals.

 Make moon water on a full moon or do an intention spell on the new moon. Write in your B.O.S. during every "critical" moon phase, keeping track of how each phase makes you feel and what you do. Doing this can help you be more in tune with lunar movements and can help you be prepared during phases that may intensify or depress your energy.

4. Practice doing natal charts. If you want to become good at astrology, the best place to start is by learning how to do natal charts and practicing by drawing charts for those you know the best. This way, you can see how the planets and stars may play a part in a person's traits and attributes. 

5. Read tarot & cast runes. 

Pull a daily card(and/or rune) and see what is in store for the day. Do whole tarot spreads if you like and practice on yourself and others. By the end of quarantine you will be a professional! 

6. Smudge your home.

 Get rid of any negative energy drifting about your home and smudge your house using sage, incense, or other useful herbs. This will clear the air and make you feel more comfortable in your space. 

7. Get crafty! Make a dream-catcher, besom(witch's broom), pentagram-inspired wreath, your own runes/oracle/or tarot decks, or any other witchy item you can imagine. Get creative and craft new magical creations for your altar if you want. If you're an artist, pour out some magic on a canvas and create awesome "witchy" paintings or drawings. If you're not so creative, you can still find awesome things to color online. I recommend coloringbookofshadows.com, as the owner is always giving out new pages to color(her books are pretty amazing too).

8. Garden. 

Gardening is one of the best ways to get in touch with nature and it has the added benefits of relieving stress and allowing you to pick your own produce(there is something magical about tending to a plant from seed to maturity and harvesting the fruits/vegetables you grew). If you can, plant a garden in your yard with a variety of vegetables, berries, herbs, and anything else you want. Decorate with rock patterns, wind chimes, and whatever else suits your fancy-make it an enchanting place to visit. If you live in an apartment or don't have a yard to garden, plant in pots or window boxes; it's just as beneficial and it will serve to add some nature to your living space. 

9. Practice drawing sigils & writing rituals/spells. (Or do rituals/spells...)

Sigils are symbols drawn to hold the meaning of a word or words and infuses them with power. You can use guides online to learn how to make them, or come up with your own unique way. The point of them is to draw them someplace where their power can be used the best. You can inscribe them on candles, add them to your Book of Shadows, etch them on your other magical items, or even make a necklace with a sigil added on to it.
Doing spells and rituals is sort of self-explanatory; Creating spells of your own infuses them with your energy and makes them stronger, so I encourage you to try and write your own whenever you can. 
Writing spells can be very much like writing your own poetry. Just let your intentions flow from your pen to paper, using rhyming or word-play as you please. There is no set way to do this, so whichever way feels right to you is the best way to go about it. Just grab your Book of Shadows and a pen and get to it. 
You can write spells/rituals about anything you wish, but those that work best are about situations or desires you have at the present moment(like needing money and doing an abundance ritual, or seeking love and writing a love-spell to attract romance).

10. Try your hand at different forms of divination.

As defined by Merriam-Webster, divination is "the art or practice that seeks to see or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers." 

I mentioned tarot and rune-work earlier, but there are so many other great ways to practice the art of divination..

The most popular forms of divination(that are easy to try your hand at)include: Astrology, Aeromancy, Automatic Writing, Bibliomancy, Clairvoyance, Divining, Hyrdromancy, I-Ching, Oracle, Ouija, Palmistry, Pyromancy, Scrying, & Zoomancy. 

While these forms of divination sound complicated, you can research and do almost any of them with materials or at places near to you.

11. Make crystal grids, do energy/chakra-work & meditate. 

You can set up your crystal grids in any form you please, often with the intention behind the design inspired by whatever you are meditating or doing rituals on. You can have a paper or cloth with a design you use on them and set your grid on top, or set it before you in whichever pattern comes to mind. Crystal grids are meant to take the power of crystals and "amplify" them towards your intentions. There is no clear-cut way of doing this, so go about it however you best feel comfortable or most natural. 

Doing energy/chakra-work and meditating are awesome ways to  balance your energies. Incorporate breath-work and feel your negative energies melt away to the light and positive energies you attract to yourself. 

12. Bake, Cook, & Brew. 

If you want to fulfill your hunger while practicing a bit of "magic," you'll find no better place than your kitchen. What's more witchy than following a recipe to create a delicious meal or tasty desserts?
If you want to take it farther, design your foods to have a ghoulish appearance by adding crescent moons and other symbols you may like.

13. Create or Re-organize your altar space.

An altar is a witch's sacred place to leave offerings or place symbols of their beliefs(often to attract the attention of a god/goddess or attract energies to make a specific spell work). 

If you've never made an altar before, start by adding objects to represent the five elements: fire, water, earth, air, ether. You can go from there and add whatever you like according to whatever you are trying to attract and/or "worship." There isn't a one-size-fits-all to creating altars; Every one is unique.

If you have an altar, think about using all of this free time to clean it up some: dust, clear out old incense/herbs/candles, and add new items to replace them. If you'd like, re-invent the entire space and make it new again.

14. Have a "Cleansing" Bath.

Light candles and take a bath/shower, imagining the water as light washing down upon you and cleansing you of any negativity. 
This is a very easy visualization ritual that will leave you feeling refreshed. 

15. Spend Time in Nature.

We often have our most spiritual moments while in nature, whether we realize it or not. If you want to get grounded and feel more "in tune" with the earth, take a walk in the woods, along the shore-line, or in the park. You will experience magic at work all around you and hopefully feel inspired spiritually afterwords(I always do!).

16. Do some shadow-work.

We all have negative traits or aspects of ourselves that we could work on, deep pains and wounds that we could explore. While this is often an uncomfortable task, doing shadow-work and bringing to light all of the darkness inside of us is integral to healing. 

17. Do healing-work/light magic.

Do a healing spell or practice balancing your energy. Or think of someone who could use some light in their lives and do a ritual with them in mind. Doing light magic can be as simple as setting a positive mantra or wishing someone well. Get creative and go all out if you wish; the possibilities to do good here are endless. 

18. Dance or make music.

Write songs, play an instrument, or dance, keeping in mind that every note or step you make/take is spiritual in and of itself. If you think about it, anything that makes you feel good is magic. 

19. Cleanse, recharge, and/or infuse your magical items.

Gather all of your crystals, amulets, or other items and cleanse/recharge them with smoke, water, salt, sunlight or under the moonlight. Be sure to research which of your items does best with which element and type of light(some crystals get ruined in water or direct sunlight). This is a great habit to inaugurate into your practices, as it goes a long way in clearing any negative energies your items may have collected. 

Monday, April 6, 2020

April's Full Moon in Libra: A Time to Regain Balance

April's Full Moon in Libra: A Time to Regain Balance

A Tarot Spread, Ritual, and Exercise for April's Pink Supermoon: Restore Order & Balance in Relationships, Work, & Life

Full Moon in Libra: Tuesday 10:35 PM(New York Time) 18ยบ43   Element: Air  Planet: Venus

What does the Full Moon in Libra Mean?

Full Moons bring illumination to aspects of life that may have been overlooked; They represent endings, completions, and "peak moments" where all of your work may pay off or you finally get what you worked hard for. Full Moons are also known for their chaotic influence; ground yourself and reflect on what has come "full circle" in your life and plan on where you can go from here. 
The Full Moon in Libra is the first full moon of spring(the Paschal Moon because it helps to predict Easter day) and it is the second Supermoon of this year. While it won't be pink, it is called the Pink Moon due to the pink flowers of spring that represent it. Libra is a sign of balance, cooperation, partnerships, relationships, fairness, and equilibrium and the full moon will bring light and attention to these facets of life. Advice: Breathe, work on relationships, and balance any parts of your life that are in discord. 

A Grounding Ritual to Restore Balance

What you will Need: 
A quiet space in nature
Incense &/or Candles(Optional)


1. Take a walk to the quiet place of you choosing. If you can't go out into the woods or to a silent place in your local park, find a room in your house that has a peaceful affect on you. Just make sure you choose a place where you won't be interrupted for at least twenty minutes and where you feel calm.
If you are doing this in your room, surround yourself with "grounding" items, like plants, stones, and crystals.
2. Sit down comfortably(if you brought incense or candles light them) and breathe in three counts & out six. Continue to do this until you are calm and in a peaceful state(for at least ten minutes or until your incense burns down).
3. Imagine yourself connected to the ground(or floor) beneath you. Think of the excess of negative energy or anything else that you would like to release and imagine it sinking into the ground below, as if it is being absorbed by the earth. Continue to do this until you feel like your equilibrium is restored once more.
4. Affirm to yourself that your balance is achieved and thank the earth for cleansing you and the air for bringing clarity and purification. (Snuff your candles if you lit them)
5. Spend more time in nature or in your quiet space as desired, reflecting and meditating, or leave to do as you wish.

An Exercise to Restore Order to Relationships

All relationships have their problems and resolving these problems, regaining trust, and restoring the peace are sometimes difficult. I have created an easy way to  repair a hurt relationship(granted that it isn't too far gone) that you can easily do at home.

You will need: Pencil or pen, Paper, & Envelope(s)

What you will do:  1. Write a letter to the person you are trying to come to terms with. Get your feelings out honestly, without placing blame on the other person or being negative. Put yourself in their shoes and write with the other person's feelings & perspective in mind so that you remain objective. If you really want to heal a relationship, you have to put your pride aside and be humble. Express yourself clearly and keep these tips in mind while writing your letter. If the person you're writing to has an open mind, your letter will be an invitation for them to come to you so that you may resolve the problems.

2. Put your letter in the envelope and seal it. Give the person(or people) you wrote to their letter(s) and ask them to read it when they are in a calm state of mind.. Afterwards, leave and wait for them to be ready to get in touch with you.

After doing this, most people will think about what you wrote to them and will usually come to you to work things out. Even if the person decides that the relationship is better left how it is, you will gain peace of mind knowing that you have expressed yourself fully and tried to repair what was damaged. 

A Full Moon in Libra Tarot Spread

1. What will this Full Moon shed light on?

2. How can I bring more balance into my life?

3. What can I do to restore order to relationships at this time?

4. What do I need to attend to before moving on?

5. Advice Card-Relationships, Self, Love

6. Advice Card-Career, Home, Lifestyle

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Aries New Moon: New Beginnings

Aries New Moon: New Beginnings

A Tarot Spread, Ritual, and Exercise for Starting the New Astrological Year on the Right Path

New Moon in Aries: 9:28AM   4 ° 12'.  Element: Fire   Planet: Mars

What does the New Moon in Aries mean?

The New Moon in Aries entails the start of a new astrological year, as Aries is the first of the zodiac signs and falls underneath the Spring Equinox. This new moon is all about letting go of the past to face new opportunities with renewed energy vigor. Fresh starts, new opportunities, and the headstrong motivation of an Aries are all a part of this time. Now is the best time to confront your shadow-self and embrace the best version of yourself, to forgive and forget, and to move on from the past and look, resolutely, into the future. 

Release the Past & Seize the Future(A New Moon in Aries Ritual)

What you will need:
Fire-proof bowl, ashtray, or dish.
Lighter or matches.
White, yellow, or orange candle.
Paper & pen.

1. Write down all of the regrets, unfinished business, and ill-feelings of the past year. What is it that you need to let go of before you start this new astrological year fresh? Get all of the negativity out of you and onto your paper, until you feel it released from you and etched in the ink.
2. Put the paper you wrote on in the fire-proof dish of your choice and use your lighter or matches to set it on fire. Envision yourself releasing the negativity as the fire burns away at the paper. 
3. Light your candle and focus on the flame for a moment. Start to think of all that you would like to invite into your life: what are your goals, dreams, and desires? Write everything down that you think about and let the candle burn as you meditate and write. 
4. Put your candle out and imagine the smoke carrying your desires into the wind to be put into motion. Keep your paper in a safe place or bury it, setting intentions for your wishes to come true.

An Exercise for Purging the Old & Inviting the New

Everyone has ill-emotions, unfinished plans, and other negative burdens in life that should be let go of. 
You probably know exactly what yours are, but for the sake of this exercise(and to better help you release the bad in your life to make way for the good), I want you to write all of it down. Write every single harmful thing you want to purge from your mind and body onto a sheet of paper. 

Now sit back and reflect on the good that you have in your life and the dreams that you want to come true. What do you want in life? Write the positive aspects on a fresh sheet of paper; Add your goals for this week, month, year, and coming years and write down everything good you want to manifest in your life.

Compare the two sheets of papers and make adjustments as you need to. Take your first list-the negative one-and discard it as you see fit. While you're burning or ripping it into shreds, imagine that you're ridding yourself of everything bad that you had wrote down on it and really release yourself of all of these negative energies.

Meditate and reflect on your new positive paper and put it in a place where you can review it often. Check back periodically to make sure that your goals are keeping you on the right path towards accomplishing your dreams and desires in life. This paper is your road-map to living your best life and like real road-trips, sometimes you have to choose different routes. Don't be afraid to edit your goals to direct you to where you want to be later in life. 
This exercise can be done whenever you are feeling stuck or in need of re-clarifying your objectives, so don't be hesitant to come back to this when you need to. Reviewing your goals periodically can keep you laser-focused and right on path to pursuing and securing your plans for good.

A New Moon in Aries: Tarot Spread

  1. What do I need to leave in the past?
  2. What lesson(s) should I take with me into the future?
  3. How can I start this new path?
  4. What energy should I carry with me into this new time?
  5. Guide/Advice to bring with me into this new astrological year.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

How to Read Tarot

How to Read Tarot: For Beginners

If you have ever watched witchy movies or visited the psychic's tent at a festival, you may have wondered how they seemingly predict the future or so easily give advice with their tarot cards. While it there is some intuition to it, you can learn how to handle a tarot deck and gain your own insight. All you need is a tarot deck of your choice and a willingness to learn.

Step 1: Find a deck. You will obviously need a deck of your own to read tarot. Go to a bookstore, browse online, or go to a nearby shop that sells them and let your intuition guide you. The deck you pick has to call to you and pique your interest; you will have no doubt on which one is meant to be yours, as it will leave you with a nagging feeling to get it.

Step 2: Get to know your deck. Look through your card guidebook, shuffle the deck, go through the deck card-by-card, meditate with your cards, or whatever else it takes for you to feel familiar with and comfortable with your tarot cards. You want to feel a companionship to them and get a feel for the "voice" in your cards. 

Step 3: Do a simple tarot spread. Pull a card or two and look up the meanings in your guidebook or online. I learned a lot about what I know about tarot card meanings by doing daily one-card pulls and researching what the number, major or minor arcana, or symbols on the individual card meant. It is a slow way to learn, but if you keep at it you will eventually have a working knowledge of tarot and card meanings. 

Step 4: Learn tarot numerology. Learn the meanings behind the numbers, as they often repeat lessons even in different suits. Learning what the numbers in tarot mean will help you a lot in reading more intuitively and without a guidebook later on.

Step 5: Learn the major/minor arcanas & what the different suits mean. There is no better way to learn tarot than to find the pattern behind what swords, pentacles, wands, and cups mean and applying it to your readings. You will find that there is a pattern between the suits, symbols, and numbers that will allow you to eventually read tarot for yourself, without a guidebook.
If you want to go ahead and memorize keywords for each individual card in the major arcana, that will definitely help you as well.

Step 6: Upright/Reverse Tarot Meanings. Cards can be read upright or in reverse and both have mostly opposite meanings. If you end up memorizing the upright meanings of each card in your deck, you can almost be assured that the reverse is true for any upside-down cards you pull(but not always). 
Practicing by pulling both right-side up and reverse cards and looking up the meanings/applying it to your current/past/future situations will allow you to learn what each card & reverse reading means faster than reading a list and trying to memorize.

Step 7: Learn Tarot Symbolism. Depending on the deck, Tarot can be packed full of symbolism. From the animals, plants, and figures in the cards, to the numbers and astrological symbols, some cards are lush with symbols you can use to gain insight to what they mean. If you are serious about becoming a tarot reader you should learn what the symbols in your cards depicts and try to come up with your own meanings. Compare your meanings to more formal cards and see where you can improve your interpretations. This is a great way to come up with more unique readings, as many just interpret tarot through guidebooks, tarot numerology, the suits, and minor/major arcana. 

Read. Read as much as you can about tarot and apply your knowledge to the cards through practice.

Practice, practice, practice. I can't stress enough how important it is to practice readings yourself and continue to look up keyword meanings and explanations until you're comfortable enough to intuitively read for yourself. 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Pisces New Moon: A Blank Slate

A Blank Slate: A Pisces New Moon Exercise

     To honor the new moon in Pisces, I am starting fresh and writing about my intentions for this cycle. New moons are all about letting go of old energy, habits, and so on while setting goals and plans to usher in new energy and ways of life. Pisces' energy is all about healing and inspiration, making this a great new moon to start letting go of the old to create a whole new you.

What I would like to clear aside for a "blank slate" & positive new cycle: 
-Negative habits (nail-biting, sugar consumption, etc.)
-Negative thoughts & patterns (worrying, over-thinking, procrastination, etc.)
-Old clothes & items [Which I plan to donate to make way for the new!]

Of course, I plan on adding a spring cleaning to this list. It would go a long way towards clearing out the old and making way for new energy in the home (a perfect new moon ritual). 

After cleansing myself of these old ways and pieces of life, there are a feel intentions and goals I would like to set for this coming cycle(month):

-I will be a more positive and giving person. I will see how I can help others rather than pursuing things solely for myself and what I might gain out of it. I will be mindfully gracious.
-I am replacing the bad habits with more positive activities (such as journaling/blogging more often, drinking more water, meditating & exercising consistently). 
-With this new cycle, I am defeating my negative thoughts with positive ones (instead of worrying --->planning & instead of over-thinking---->enjoying the moment). I have a plan for procrastination too, which involves a planner, time management, and a new blog post.

-My intention for this cycle is to be an even better brighter version of myself. 

What do you plan on releasing this cycle? And what are your intentions?

Thank you for stopping by. Stay tuned for the next moon phase & my thoughts. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A Personal Preface

A Personal Preface

     I would like to greet you and welcome you to my blog. This blog has been a distant thought of mine, dwelling in the back of my mind until the day that I felt "right" to start putting myself and my words out there for people to discover on the world-wide-web. I often have a difficult time explaining myself and putting what I want to into words. It's not that I don't have the vocabulary (I've been an avid reader/writer ever since I've been taught my first letters) or the imagination, it's because of a nagging voice in the back of my mind that tells me to either perfect what I'm doing or don't do it at all. Obviously, I can't live my life and accomplish the dreams I have without writing; I have so much that I want to write and share with the world, so I've finally decided to ignore that voice in the back of my head and go for it. 
Consider this my informal introduction and insurance towards more posts to come.